Notizie e informazioni di ING Italia

Utile netto in crescita per il gruppo ING Bank nel 2015

Nel 2015 ING Bank ha registrato una crescita positiva della redditività superiore del 23,2% rispetto al 2014

Think Forward strategy drives strong new customer acquisitions and commercial growth in 2015

• ING attracted over 1.4 million new retail customers; primary relationships increased by almost 7% to 8.9 million

• Core lending recorded net growth of EUR 21.7 billion; robust net customer deposit infl ow of EUR 25.1 billion

ING Bank full-year 2015 underlying net profi t of EUR 4,219 million, up 23.2% from full-year 2014

• Strong 2015 performance refl ects higher interest results and lower risk costs, despite higher regulatory costs

• 4Q15 underlying result before tax was EUR 1,202 million with positive momentum across both Retail and Wholesale Banking

ING Group fully-loaded CET1 ratio strengthened to 12.7%; proposal to pay full-year dividend of EUR 2,515 million

• ING Group full-year 2015 net result EUR 4,010 million; 4Q15 net result was EUR 819 million

• ING Group’s SREP requirement set at 9.5%; Dutch buff ers currently set at 3% and phase in over four years

• ING proposes to pay fi nal cash dividend of EUR 0.41 per ordinary share, following interim dividend of EUR 0.24 in August 2015

CEO statement

“We work hard every day to improve the customer experience and are grateful for the confi dence our clients place in us,” said Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING Group. “In 2015, our retail customer base grew by over 1.4 million new customers to 34.4 million at year-end; of this total, the number of customers selecting ING as their primary bank rose by almost 7% to 8.9 million. Net growth in our core lending book was EUR 21.7 billion, or 4.2%, as we continued to support our clients’ fi nancing needs throughout the business cycle. Net customer deposits grew by EUR 25.1 billion, or 5.1%.”